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December 24, 2008


Part of the confusion on the part of the Republicans, I suspect, is that their criticisms of Obama before the election were of the sort: he palls around with terrorists, he doesn't share our values, he's not a real American. In the current economic crisis, those kinds of criticisms ring hollow. But judging from the eagerness of some Republicans to jump all over the Blagojevitch scandal, it won't take much to get those people going again.

I agree with ming that Republicans are eager to take Obama down a peg, but the media won't support their criticisms. And they'll pay a price for criticizing Obama. During the campaign, the media routinely blasted Obama's critics. Perhaps the funniest example is when the Washington Post called McCain a liar when he ran a criticism of Obama that relied on a report in the Washington Post. And, it's unimaginable that Obama could be slammed the Bush routinely was as Hitler or a chimpanzee.

"Unimagineable" that Obama could be slammed "routinely" as Hitler? Ever heard of Ann Coulter, Phil Brennan (from Newsmax.com), Alan Caruba, Charles Krauthammer, Ben Stein, or Congressman Paul Broun? All of these individuals have implicitly or explicitly compared Obama to Hitler. It took seven years of Bush 43 being in office before someone in Congress (Keith Ellison) compared him to A.H. Obama hasn't even took office yet and a congressman has made this comparison (Broun).

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