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December 08, 2008


Thank goodness the SC turned this case down. Chances are it was nonsense. In the unlikely event that there was something to it, it's even more important that it be turned down. For the SC to remove a President who has already been elected would be a disaster.

The case raises a useful point. We lack a clear procedure by which candidates prove that they meet the Constitutional requirements for office. I don't know who has standing to bring a suit claiming that a candidate lacks the requirements. Nor do I know who should make the decision. It would be good if there were some clearcut procedure that would allow the SC to review a candidate's qualifications very early in the process.

The Supreme Court filing (application, brief etc.) in the Connecticut Wrotnowski case is soooooo much better than that in the New Jersey Donofrio case (apparently hurredly written before the Nov 4 election) that I don’t think Team Obama should get too comfortable with the Court’s denial of the first case since the second case IS distributed for Dec 12 conference. How the heck can anyone effectively counter this (great work Leo):


Regarding the typepad comments: You don't put the name on the top in the same font as the post, you silly people. I prefer after and hyperlinked with an e-mail, but at the very least it should be bolded and say
Ted wrote:

blah blah blah

Yeah, I reported this bug.

Hey, Ted, Wrotnowski got turned away with no comment. So much for "soooooo much better".

Day 3: No one has seen a copy of Obama's Certificate of Live Birth (COLB). What are Obama and the Democrat's hiding and why can't anyone see it?

Not very good with Google, are you, Mad Jayhawk? http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2008/06/obama-birth.html

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