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January 02, 2009


Sanford would have about as much chance as Phill Gramm. He'd be the occasional headline-grabber, but outside of their core home state base, wouldn't really get any traction with the national electorate.

The Times writes: He has continuously sparred with members of his own party in the Legislature over spending, limiting his record of accomplishment.

That's a liberal's POV. For a libertarian type like Sanford, a record of accomplishment would be avoiding additional government spending.

Incidentally, most state Constitutions prohibit government borrowing to pay current costs. So, I suspect that the federal loan that Sanford was resisting may have been un-Constitutional.

Sanford's a conservative, not a libertarian. As for this incident, why didn't he volunteer to clean up that mess himself? I thought the Mark Sanford's of the world were all about personal responsibility.

Given Americans' current view of their government, I don't really think most of us would care if he brought a full grown sow into a government building. People will disagree with Gov. Sanford on issues, but no one is really going to mind "degrading the honor" of our elected officials- they do that on their own.

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