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January 07, 2009


What? I think you are trying to make this about a larger issue with Moore than it really is. I don't think people condemning Gupta for his stupid fact check are then required to take on the burden of praising or scrutinizing the whole of Moore's career.

I disagree. Ezra isn't complaining that it's wrong for journalists to scrutinize Moore's work. He's complaining that they don't actually fact check Moore at all. Instead Moore is being judged on his reputation, so the fact-checkers found fault where there was none.

My guess is that Moore received little scrutiny for years precisely because he was regarded as an uncouth non-Villager: he was deemed unworthy of attention.

I don't have a problem with Village journalists fact checking Moore, but I do wish they'd fact check themselves first. Or better yet, check their own writing against professional standards. It's a bit much for the Villager journalists who failed to cover the Bush administration with any degree of critical judgement,or covered in a faux equivalence, fact impaired "hesaid/she said" way, to get
all anal with Moore.

Moore, after all, doesn't claim to be a journalist. He's a propandgandist. He doesn't pretend to be unbiased.

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