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April 14, 2009


A few quick points:

Steele's locution is vague enough that one cannot tell for sure whether he's asserting that the Dems want to destroy savings or that this will be a result of their policies.

At what point does the inevitability of a result imply desire? E.g., if I fire a gun at someone's heart, can I claim that his death was accidental because I didn't want the bullet to go in a straight line?

Steele's point is not smart politics IMHO. He may well be right that Obama's policies will lead to high inflation thus destroying savings. However, I suspect that voters in debt outnumber those with substantial savings. So, inflation may help more voters than it hurts.

This will need to be repeated a million times:

Republican President Reagan more than doubled the US debt.

Between Republican Presidents Reagan and Bush I they more than QUADRUPLED the US debt.

Republican President Bush II nearly doubled the US debt again (and the bills are still coming in).

Republican economic policies redistributed the wealth to the wealthiest and away from the middle class for over 30 years. Republican economic policies destroyed "the savings of millions of middle-class Americans."

Republican's right wing economic theories directly led to the destruction of trillions in wealth as well as creating the global financial crisis that put America on the road to a 2nd Great Depression.

The only thing that's currently keeping America out of a 2nd Great Depression is liberal government intervention.

Those are facts.

Here's an insinuation: The right wing DOES NOT CARE that their reckless fiscal policies and voodoo economics have damaged America and Americans.

It's a 'judgement call' but at some point looking at the results of the last 30 years of the ascendancy of conservatism speaks for itself.

While many Republican voters are too innumerate and ignorant of history to know the facts, and many Republican voters are far too trusting of Republican leadership, the Republican leadership itself is far, far too smart and too educated to not know the truth.

At some point an honest conservative has to admit that the failure of conservatism's leaders hasn't been a failure of understanding, it's been a failure of character, a failure of integrity, and a failure of conscience.

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