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April 13, 2009


Had the operation gone badly there are a significant number of right wingers who would have seen it as "proof" of Obama's failure.

After all, just 24 hours ago there were loud denunciations by right wingers that Obama was "failing" to act decisively.

Now that there has been a decisive conclusion of the situation many of those same voices are saying that what they were complaining about just yesterday now doesn't count.


Right-wingers must have behaved pretty well, because News Reference has to make something up to criticize. Furthermore, his/her criticism of our imaginery behavior doesn't seem to work.

Those who criticized Obama when he was failing to act decisively would naturally praise him when he did act decisively. That's not inconsistent. Obama changed his behavior.

In fact, critics who wanted decisive action (rather than an excuse to blast the President) would presumably have supported decisive action even if it turned out badly -- a point explicitly made in a WSJ editorial today http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123958568421112479.html )

I don't disagree with anything Brendan wrote. However, I am struck by the fact that Brendan, Klein and Crowley address the impact on "Obama's adversaries", meaning conservative Americans. Sometimes I think that some liberals are more concerned with defeating conservatives than defeating American's enemies. The Obama adversaries I worry about are people like Ahmadinajad and Osama bin Laden.

I'm simply bemused that anyone believes this petty incident would have occupied Obama for more than about 30 seconds ... time enough to say "Of course normal rules of engagement for piracy situations should apply." In a rational world it would have zero political implications for anyone.

David, please don't turn the "Obama's adversaries" thing around. Brendan is referring to politicians who oppose Obama, not on whoever you think Obama considers his adversary. Don't play the mind-reading game.

"David," your point isn't helped by citing a Murdoch opinion piece. In fact, if you are living in Murdoch's FOX fantasy world it's quite possible that you are immune to facts and evidence.

David you refer to "our imaginery behavior"* regarding the right wing's tantrums. Did you catch Time Magazine's Joe Klein's reference to Newt Gingrich's twitter'ing advice Friday and Saturday exclaiming Obama's "major mistake in not forcefully outlining the rules of civilization for dealing with pirates We look weak[.]"

Actually, right winger Gingrich looks like the cry baby he's always been, mewling for attention and demanding to be in charge like a tantrum driven narcissist. Newt's TWITTERING ADVICE, whining in 140 characters or less. What a cl ass ic Republican.

And Gingrich was being nice. The right wing blogosphere was going nuts about the pirate escapade and Murdoch's FOX Republican puppets were doing the same.

At the link above is a brief video compilation of right wingers at FOX barfing up the criticisms you claim are/were "imaginary[.]"

I won't hold my breath waiting for those same partisan FOXes to "praise" Obama for acting decisively.

* FYI: imaginary is spelled with an -ary not an -ery

An historical perspective: http://14.media.tumblr.com/oaDQWwRAbm98xg3mZqG8JbV2o1_500.jpg

Looks like the Republicans have locked in the pirate vote for the foreseeable future.

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