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June 12, 2009


Fox asks these poll questions for the same reason Dartmouth plays football games: you already know what the result will be, but it fills the time.

Murdoch's right wing FOX propaganda machine is just fishing for a result so that they can trumpet a story saying that X% of people think that a Dem President is "sneaking" around the White House "sneaking" stuff.

The added bonus is that they got you to associate the word "sneaking" with the Dem President four different times just by citing their poll (seven if you include the three times I've used it).

And FOX got a double bonus because you sent people over to the FOX website.

So that adds up to a triple win for the right wing FOX propaganda machine.

Actually, what strikes me about the poll is how few respondents answered "Don't know", which is of course the answer that most should have given.

I agree that almost nobody knows what Obama is actually doing, but people do know what they think he's doing, so any anwer to this silly poll may be may be valid.

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