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June 18, 2009


The Dems have proposed a "magic" plan that will control costs without a mechanism for doing so. That makes it easy rebut the criticism that their plan is too expensive or that it will limit our medical treatments. In reality controlling costs requires a bureaucracy to monitor treatments and make sure doctors are doing only what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. It seems pedantic to focus on whether that bureaucracy will fall under the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology or will be in some other area.

IMHO after the Dems' health plan becomes law we will have to put up with treatment limitations as well as substantial cost overruns.

I see the "no individual shall be compelled" language, but I also see Section 161 which (as McCaughey claims) requires the IRS to impose additional tax liability on filers who lack "qualifying coverage". And (as McCaughey claims) the amount of that liability is to be filled in later to "accomplish the goal of enhancing participation in qualifying coverage."

Am I missing something? (That's not unlikely and, if so, I'd appreciate knowing what it is.)

Or are you really relying on the theoretical distinction between being "compelled" and "getting seriously nicked by the IRS if you aren't in compliance"?

The problem is that she (and the legislation itself) isn't completely clear on what will be considered "qualified coverage". So she is making some broad assumptions in her portrayal of what will be required.

Secondly, the language in reference to a special tax levy isn't specific or certain either.

So its incorrect to imply that a penalty is even a certainty, or that many firms currently offering employee plans could be subjected to it unless they made significant changes in their current form of coverage.


I think these are good questions to raise, but it seems we need more clarification prior to passing judgment.

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