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June 19, 2009


hannity is the most partisan commentator ever. he's like Limbaugh, but without the sense of humor.

Yes, Hannity is terrible. Limbaugh's arguments can sometimes be refuted, but he generally has an argument. Hannity seems content with unsupported assertions.

When does an economy "belong" to a new President? is a metaphysical question without any real answer. Brendan seems to favor length of time in office. He faults Hannity for being inconsistent on the basis of time in office.

However, I think a better alternative would be that the economy "belongs" to a new President when his economic program goes into effect. On this basis, Hannity is consistent. His Bush quotes were made before Bush's tax cut program went into effect. OTOH Obama's "stimulus" and bailouts have already gone in effect. So, it's not unreasonable to call the current economy "Obama's" and yet call the June 20, 2001 economy "Clinton's".

(Not that I think Hannity reasoned on this basis. I think he's just throwing mud at Dems and defending Reps.)

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