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June 09, 2009


Rush shoots himself in the foot again.

Eric Kleefeld of TPM is either ignorant or lying. Rush Limbaugh discussed the possibility of a GM boycott, but he didn't call for one. Also, check the actual Limbaugh transcript.

Limbaugh is often accused of being gullible and mean-spirited. Maybe he is. But, Limbaugh critics like Kleefeld and, sadly, Brendan Nyhan, demonstrate similar qualities when they spread false rumors about Limbaugh.

BTW, Limbaugh occasionally apologizes, but I cannot recall any Limbaugh critic apologizing for falsely maligning him. Here's a chance for Brendan and Howard Craft to break new ground...

David, I didn't accuse Limbaugh of anything -- I simply linked to the story and said that some conservatives were supporting a boycott (which is true). With that said, thanks for letting us know about the problems with Kleefeld's story. I've added an update above noting the issue.

I feel like a trendsetter. I've been boycotting GM since 1984.

I think Rush shot himself in the foot based on what he actually did say.

And I still think so.

That's quite a trick given how often his foot is in his mouth.

If you're right, though, he should have something lying around the house to deal with the pain.

Getting back to Brendan's issue, I don't support a GM boycott, but I think I can understand what drives it. It's the belief that the government's acquistion of GM is very wrong. It's wrong legally and Constitutionally. It reduces civil liberties and encourages corruption. And, it will do substantial harm to our economy.

Brendan has a point that a GM boycott may delay its return to the private sector. OTOH, a successful enough boycott might conceivably show the government that GM's only chance of survival would be if the government gave up their ownership.

Furthermore, a successful GM takeover might encourage this administration or some future administration to nationalize other private companies. A failure of the GM deal would discouarge similar takeovers.

"...Limbaugh occasionally apologizes,..."


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