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June 18, 2009


I've found that Marshall doesn't really remember what he's said. I wonder if the drive to expand has gotten the better of him.

Wowza. I got disgusted with TPM and stopped checking in during the presidential primaries; it looks like things have gone downmarket (aka downmarket) since then.

First, it's a great story that shows the GOP leadership still reeling.

Second, seriously TPM is a web tabloid?
2nd, b, build a better mousetrap.
2nd c, the model is to multi-post on stories and a subset is to rake the muck. Josh went all in on the CIA hookergate years ago. This is not a sudden Colbert-influenced departure.

Third, no news that Brendan's got a hate going, but could Matt Y jealous of Josh W?

Fourth, if lovin' Republican moral hypocrisy is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Weird. TPM does this obsessive thing *all the time*. They latch on to a story, sometimes trivial, but always political, and then beat it to death. That's their MO, and has been for a long time.

TPM hasn't changed. Sounds more like a little snobbishness. Perhaps you can find some obscure political blog that is so much more sophisticated and feel superior?

They are pretty cynical over at TPM and many times when they scratch the surface, they do find things the MSM has missed. Using this story as an example: TPM probably thought it fishy that the guy felt guilty and just wanted everyone to know he sinned. Since the Ensign apology/admission:

1. His mistriss was on his staff
2. Her husband was on his staff
3. Other Republican Senator(s) knew about this 18 months ago.
4. He only went public when the MSM was going to out him
5. Now we learn he is using Federal funds to pay the husband to be quiet.
6. ?

Yes, call it tabloid. But I like the cynicism.

Don't be a snob. TPM is fine. Seriously, does every liberal blog have to be wonky all the time?

What's with JMM referring to Megyn Kelly as "comely"?

Uh, are you familiar with the concept of hypocrisy? Ensign was one of the excoriating moral centurions of the Senate--against Clinton, against Craig, and on and on.

Guess you missed the story, and the point. Maybe Fred Hiatt will give you a job--you seem perfect!

"What's with JMM referring to Megyn Kelly as "comely"?"

As opposed to what?

TPM latches on to stories when they think that there is more to the story than meets the eye. The Ensign story certainly fits this pattern. It may not pan out; not all of these stories do.

Possible blackmail of a sitting Senator who resigned a committee assignment after announcing the affair seems like a pretty big deal to me. The fact that the blackmail attempt may have been driven by financial desperation resulting from the housing crisis makes it a remarkable tale of our times.

What don't you get?

Jealous Much???

Blog Envy???

@SqueakyRat -- what does Kelly's 'comeliness' have to do with the rest of the story? I think citing her attractiveness as the one factor worth mentioning is very much in teh vein of the old boys' newsrooms that characterized the typical midcentury newspaper.

You could mention her as "Fox News Reporter" or any descriptor relating to her performance or her ideology, but I don't think most people refer to Charles Krauthammer based on his looks, or Michelle Obama. It's rather... tabloid-like.

Hey, worked for Drudge. What *was* up with all that wall-to-wall Lewinsky coverage anyway?

Jealous much? Not everything in the world is as serious as cancer, and thinking so is one of the main reasons why Democrats were banished to the wilderness for thirty years. Fucking lighten up. When Maureen Dowd plagiarizes you, then you can afford to get snarky. Not until.

TPM... along with Sullivan the best blogs on the net!!!

What I want to see posted is addresses and house pictures of Rash Limburger, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc.

You are concern trolling again, Brendan.

Republican hypocrisy is the principal issue, but perhaps an even larger issue is the fact that it appears that Republican "Family Values Hypocrite" Ensign was also paying, and paying in myriad unseemly ways that may have used Republican Party money, the entire family of the married woman he was having an affair with.

That is particularly relevant.

And the site is called MUCKRACKER.

It's not called "Civility Trumps Reality."

In reality, grotesque hypocrisy is itself a political story for someone as hypocritically moralizing as Republican Ensign.

But add the clear indication that Republican Ensign was using Republican Party money to pay off the family, well that's a financially unethical scandal that might be illegal as well.

Moreover, TPMMuckraker is an excellent investigative journalism outlet that has never pretended to be anything other than advocacy journalism.

Tracking scandals over time (and TPM hits scandalous Dems as well) is important and few online outlets do it as well as TPM.

It's certainly more important and useful than concern trolling...

This is rich, coming from the twerp who gave us the pathetic and dishonest Spinsanity


and who got his ass kicked by Ensign.

this is my first trip to brendan's place and i won't be hurrying back...if you really don't get the illegal payments aspect of this story...that's too bad....this post really sounds like blog envy....off to tpm

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