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July 15, 2009


I think you are exaggerating a bit, but you are certainly correct about the direction TPM has taken. It may not be pandering to the audience's taste as much as it is pandering to the audience's appetite for content when the staff don't really have anything substantial to say, but the effect is the same. Since TPM is the only political blog I read regularly - because, in the past, it's been able to walk the line between being too partisan and being wonky just for the sake of wonkishness- I've been especially disappointed by this development. Still, the problem there is not that the amount of quality reporting has gone down (it hasn't), just that the amount of lower-quality material has risen a lot.

Today's Daily Howler also points out that Marshall is little more than a "rube-runner" these days. I would add that, although he used to be "wonky," Marshall was never valuable to journalism.

Judging by the dates of the blog entries that constitute your evidence that TPM is "increasingly pander[ing] to its liberal audience," you've had a bone to pick with Marshall and TPM for some time. When, exactly, did you consider it a "formerly excellent blog"?

(I, on the other hand, have thought TPM an excellent blog for some time, and retain that opinion to this day.)

P.S. I also thought Spinsanity was an excellent blog, and mourned the day you shut it down.

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