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July 01, 2009


Hope your move went well. Heaven knows what you'll find to do over the next two years, inasmuch as health care legislation will soon be on the books but won't have had much chance to take effect. You can spend your time hanging out with computer wonks suggesting creative ways of dealing with Y2K and broadcast specialists suggesting creative ways of handling the transition to digital TV transmission. Timing is everything.

I'm sure the world of politics will not disappoint, Rob. Maybe Charlie Rangel will endorse Rev. Moon again. Anything's possible.

I'm sure Brendan is a fine scholar and a great humanitarian, but let's look at the facts. His years at Swarthmore coincided with the Garnet Tide's 28-game losing streak; they discontinued the football program when he graduated. Duke's record last year was 4-8. Michigan's was 3-9. Dartmouth's was 0-10. Either Brendan is choosing schools that can't figure out how to play football, or he's a frigging jinx.

I'm just sayin'.

That's funny -- I've had the same thought about football. If you added up the cumulative Duke and Swarthmore records during my time at those schools, it would be about 20 wins / 100 losses. Rich Rodriguez is in trouble.

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