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July 30, 2009


What you can do is look at similar questions on the NES at the individual level and see that the public is, in fact, ignorant and hypocritical. Based on past survey data, Yglesias' conclusions are quite reasonable.

Actually I think the two responses are coherent. “Government services,” to any individual, is not co-extensive with “everything the government does”. For most of us, for example, the hugely bloated defense/industrial complex (now accounting for >50% of global military spending) does very little (or is a net negative). I would be perfectly happy to see government spending on that fall by, say, 80%. And then my taxes could go down, too, while spending on other government services that actually benefit me could go up.

Boondoggle, you are clearly a commie terrorist-coddling pedophile who hates America!

How dare you attack an institution that forces men to sleep and shower together while providing them shelter, four squares, healthcare, and guns all at other peoples' expense!


Never mind.

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