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July 24, 2009


The media spent a year trashing Palin. Now a poll now shows that they have succeeded. Brendan's cites show some of the ways that the media has successfully demonized her.

Palin didn't cause the feud with Letterman. He told by a mean-spirited joke -- a joke that never would have been told about a Democrat. Can you imagine Letterman joking about the statutory rape of Chelsea Clinton or Amy Carter when she was 14 years old? If he had done so, do you think that joke would have led to a feud? He might have lost his show.

Palin's "useless" article was actually well-written. Yglesias in effect praised it by comparisons to three leading op-ed writers: Charles Krauthammer, George Will, and Robert Samuelson. Samuelson, in particular, is not even a conservative. He's been a leading economic journalist for 30 years. He has won various awards and written three books. An article comparable to Samuelson must be very good indeed.

Palin's article would have been useful even if it had been badly written, since Congress is looking at passing a Cap and Trade bill. By calling the article "useless" rather than debate its points, the liberal media helps make Palin persona non grata.

Hillary Clinton overcame numbers that were nearly as bad

I don't recall Clinton ever having anything close to a 13 point spread between favorable/unfavorable, with unfavorables winning...


These two scientific polls conducted recently run against your conclusion:

Obama 48
Palin 42


Before you toss out your "Rasmussen is in the tank" excuse, how do you explain PPP(D)?

Obama 51
Palin 43


"The numbers from this poll also seem to indicate that Sarah Palin did not do herself any immediate damage with her decision to resign as Governor of Alaska. Her favorability spread of 47/45 is the best PPP has found it over the course of six surveys conducted in the last four months. Also, her eight point deficit against Obama is the first time it's been in single digits over the course of these monthly 2012 polls. She also continues to have easily the highest percentage of GOP voters holding a positive opinion of her."


Palin brought the negative attention upon herself by demonstrating an utter lack of understanding of the American Political System and demonstrating poor grasp of public policy, not by any ideological motivations from the media.

She may not have started the feud, but she sure as hell did not leave it be after he apologized. Moreover, she twisted his joke well beyond what he intended, in an effort to trump up more attention to the issue.

David -- Maybe I should call myself David from CA or conservative David so that readers can tell us apart. Although our opposite political views probably make it clear which of us is writing.

When you say Palin has "an utter lack of understanding of the American Political System and...poor grasp of public policy", I take that to mean merely that you disagree with her politically. Conservatives would say exactly the same thing about Obama.

If one sets politics aside and looks only at objective criteria, both Palin and Obama had woefully little experience and background for the office they were seeking. IMHO the mainstream media trashed Palin inordinately and supported Obama inordinately.

Nascardaughter -- look at the Hillary polls at Pollingreport.com (linked above). She had a 44/54 favorable/unfavorable as recently as April 2008 in the ABC/Washington Post poll. More generally, she's generally had unfavorables in the mid 30s to high 40s since the 1990s.

Truth Meter -- Fox just came out with a poll that has even worse Palin numbers: 38% favorable, 51% unfavorable. We'll know more as more polling is done, but right now the weight of the evidence suggests that her public image has taken a significant hit. (Note: The favorable/unfavorable #s are more significant than the trial heats, which largely reflect her levels of name recognition.)

Thanks Brendan, I missed that.

Grouping Clinton with Bush and Cheney also seemed kind of weird to me, but I guess it depends in what sense you mean "polarizing." Seems to me that Bush and Cheney have polled negatively for a while, so I think of them as just generally out of favor right now, rather than polarizing.

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