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August 13, 2009


What Brendan so tendentiously refers to as the "euthanasia myth" is a conflation of concerns over Medicare-paid end-life consultations (overblown in my estimation though not without some legitimacy) and understandable concerns about possible Emanuelian decisions about allocation of scarce medical resources.

Democrat Mickey Kaus understands and writes about it here and here. Perhaps it's too much to expect LAT reporters to cut through the conflation and recognize that President Obama is dodging the issue, but Brendan is smart and knowledgeable on the subject. We expect better of him.

For God's sake, per Kathleen Parker's column in my local paper this morning, let's just insist that the final bill say "This consultation is entirely voluntary and no benefits will be withheld if the patient declines the consultation" and be done with this ridiculous issue?

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