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September 15, 2009


Actually, "Are you contemptuous of families?" may be harsh, but it's not akin to "When did you you stop beating your wife?" The problem with the latter question is, in courtroom parlance, that it assumes a fact not in evidence: that you were beating your wife. You're right that such a question has no satisfactory answer, other than to give a somewhat non-responsive answer objecting to the underlying assumption.

"Are you contemptuous of families," on the other hand, does permit a responsive answer: yes or no. It would be different if the question assumed a fact not in evidence; examples would be "Why are you contemptuous of families?" and "When did you first become contemptuous of families?"

In this condensed interview, McFarlane is funny. That's natural and appropriate. He's a funny guy talking about a comedy show. Solomon seems oblivious to fun and humor. She comes across as a stern censor, seeking to ferret out politically incorrect views.

Why does Solomon ignore the humor, and focus on Fox, rape, murder, race, disability, conservative politics, abortion, etc. Maybe she thinks that what her readers care most about. More likley, her political views have become so strong that they obstruct her artistic sensibilities.

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