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October 14, 2009


And isn't it obvious that if Obama were less visible Sidoti and her colleagues would be writing pieces about how he's failing to promote his initiatives?

It's obvious, because they were doing exactly that as recently as last month.

Here's the same Liz Sidoti on September 8th:

Analysis: Health care answers wanted from Obama

After punting the heavy lifting to Congress, President Barack Obama finally has decided to tell Americans exactly how he wants to overhaul health care.


A failure of leadership? Or simply a failure to communicate?

Great post by Brendan and great comment by Jinchi.

This seems parallel to the way most of the media cover the stock market. They look at the day's rise or fall in the market indexes. Then, after the fact, they attribute the movement to something that occurred that day. But, there's never any real evidence that this occurrence actually caused the day's movement. And, they're unable to predict in advance how some occurrence will affect the market.

If Obama gets the health care bill he wants or if he doesn't, the media will be there to make up a reason why it worked out that way.

Brendan and Jinchi seem to have nailed it, but we should perhaps also note that Sidoti's use of the adjective "articulate" is unconsciously racist. As John H. McWhorter wrote in Losing the Race (2000) at 77-78:

It is no accident that a New York Times article described Sharpton as "developing an articulate public presence," with former mayor Edward Koch noting that Sharpton is "smart." Harmless enough on the surface, but when is the last time you read Bill Clinton described as "articulate" or "smart," despite the fact that he is obviously both? It is simply assumed that white people who have achieved positions of authority and power are "articulate" and "smart," just as we assume that they bathe daily and wear clothes. The fact that such things have to be explicitly said about Sharpton reveals an underlying question as to whether they are true of him."
Recall also Joe Biden's 2007 description of Obama: ""I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."

Excellent work Brendan and Jinchi. So funny, so sad.

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