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October 12, 2009


I intend to get my swine flu vaccine ASAP. Even if the doomsday scenario turns out to be pessimistic, there's essentially no risk IMHO.

Still, I think that our government has blown much of its credibility with too many wrong-headed solutions to deal with too many wrongly projected doomsdays. E.g., the stimulus bill that worsened the economy, carbon dixoide reductions that will not cure global warming, and heath care reform that will make health care less efficient and more expensive.

Limbaugh, Beck, et. al. are in the position of the townspeople who didn't believe The Boy Who Cried Wolf when one of his warnings was finally accurate. However, the fable puts primary blame on the boy for his earlier false warnings.

So, I blame Limbaugh, Beck, et. al. for disbelieving the accurate warning about the H1N1 vaccine. However, we should also blame Gore, Obama, etc. for falsely crying wolf on many other issues.

David, has there ever been a single post on this blog that you haven't tried to put a pro-republican/anti-democratic spin on? Even the thing about the inflatable gorilla...

There have been some, such as my response to Brendan's Oct. 5 post revisiting Obama's health care speech. But, you are mostly correct, jd.

There is a lot of missinformation even here. The regular flu shot can cause severe problems, maybe not all the time, but it CAN.. Don't just look to the cdc because s everyone knows government can down play things (Bush, Obama... everyone). The CDC has done it before with the current fight concerning Lyme Disease when there are many people with considerablee evidence that Lyme is an epidemic and that we do not detect it well... Look at the docu Under Our Skin and then look up the facts it discusses. I'm in the middle ground. The vaccine is goingto be trial and error. They are asking for people to report symtoms and therefore they do not know all the facts. It can help people but I also think everyone should look up the vaccines and know all the details for themselves and not take one person or companies opinion. It might be dangerous to some people more than we realize. There hasn't been enough of a study on it for me to trust it.

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