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October 30, 2009


My wife recently retired as a professor. Her experience was that in order to get good student ratings, an instructor had to be somewhat of a show person. Cogency, clarity, and accuracy weren't enough.

So, I'm glad Brendan is paying attention to Glen Beck's visual aids. He might be able to use some of them in his teaching.

I'd be fine with Beck's visual aids if he also had cogency, clarity and accuracy. Instead it's just baffling -- the Obama coin made a connect-4 with four pre-existing, unlabeled coins. What's that even supposed to mean? Showmanship is fine, but pointless, obfuscating showmanship is really annoying.

Glenn Beck's blackboard looks to me a lot like the garage in "Beautiful Mind," after Nash goes out there and indulges his insanity to make connections and see numbers.

And, I think it is for the same reason. That other great user of visual aids, Ross Perot, turned out to completely batshit.

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