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October 23, 2009


I disagree with the word "unsupported". People may have judged love of country based on speeches Obama made to foreign audiences that criticized bad things done by America while pretty much ignoring the many great things we have done. Or, they may have noticed how many Americans he has smeared. E.g., doctors, conservatives, Rush Limbaugh and his 20 million listeners, insurance people, the Chamber of Commerce, Fox News, and financial executives. Or, some people may feel that he's pursuing policies that they believe are bad for America, thus demonstrating a lack of love for the country.

IMHO it's reasonable to disagree with those who think Obama doesn't love America, but they could well have a basis for that belief.

P.S. I wonder how other recent Presidents fared on that survey question. Also, I wonder whether that question was even asked of prior Presidents.

I wonder how other recent Presidents fared on that survey question.

It is an odd question and I couldn't find any evidence that it had been asked before of previous presidents.

I expect Brendan would know. Is this a new thing?

According to the PPP poll, 13% of Democrats answered no or not sure to the question whether Obama loves his country, as did 43% of independents. Apparently doubts about the President's love of his country are widespread, including even among his supporters.

President Obama says he loves his country, and I take him at his word--though I've never been much for school spirit and find "love of country" a problematic concept.

What does strike me is that we're expected these days to assume that our country's leaders love the country and are acting in what they regard as its best interests, and anything to the contrary is considered a smear, whereas during the previous Administration it was perfectly fine to suggest that the Administration was making decisions not for the benefit of the country but to benefit Halliburton or the oil companies or the rich. That wasn't a smear, it was speaking truth to power.

Brendan - Your comparison of these poll results to the birther poll results is complete "apples to oranges". One is a belief or non-belief in something that has been reasonably factually proven, while the other is complete opinion and could never be factually proven. I see no purpose in comparing the two.

Also why is such an opinion a “smear” if it is based on a person's actual perception of the facts? Just because you disagree with that perception doesn’t automatically make it a “smear”.

IMO, this is an uncharacteristically weak and poorly thought-out post..

Jinchi, good question! Updating post above.

Brendan, your update is unresponsive to the question raised by David and Jinchi. They were asking about the perception of love of country for previous presidents, not earlier perceptions for the current president.

Further to my earlier comment likening love of country to school spirit, I neglected to pass along the lyrics to "Be True to Your School," which are highly germane to the discussion.

The Update actually seems to provide some support to the idea that the opinion on Obama's "love of country" may be based on his performance since being elected.

It's possible that in 2008, most folks had little information to base their opinion on so they gave him the benefit of the doubt, but his actions since seems to have changed their opinions.

I would also be interested to see if that question was asked about previous presidents.

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