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October 08, 2009


The "structural weakness" Marx refers to is actually the failure of the bill's sponsors to fully and accurately tell the public what's in the bills. The best way to refute McCaughey would be for the sponsors of health reform to present a comprehensive outline of the various bills, including a discussion of any items that might be changed before the bills are finalized, as well as any items that will depend on administrative decisions to be made after the law is in effect. In other words, if the sponsors would fully and accurately tell the public just how Health Reform would work, they would leave no room for lies about supposedly hidden provisions.

However, the sponsors of health reform are doing just the opposite. It's my understanding that the various versions of health reform have not been fully released to the public. And, the Dems are resisting releasing the final bill to the public with enough time to digest and understand it before the final vote is held.

BTW I don't like how something is or isn't called a "lie." There are innumerable aspects where nobody really knows how Health Reform will actually work. Statements that assume Health Reform will work well are called "truths" by liberals while statements that assume certain problems will occur are called "lies." In fact, both sets of statements are just guesses as to how the final system will operate.

A lie is when you misrepresent something.

Having a different idea about the prospects for success or failure is having an opinion.

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