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November 25, 2009


Also, the three comparison bills were popular. Health reform is now unpopular.

Poll: Support for health care plan plummets, Senate Democrats push ahead. November 23

A day after the Senate begins debate on health care legislation a new survey from Rasmussen Reports shows the highest level of opposition yet recorded. In a staggering reversal from last week the poll suggests just 38% of American voters now favor the Democratic health care plan against 56% who are opposed.

David: that poll seems to indicate the particular plan in question is unpopular, as opposed to health reform in general. Indeed, the article linked asserts "Quinnipiac in a recent survey shows that 61% of the American public is eager for reform even as it opposes the current Democratic plan on the table."

I guess you just misspoke when you said "health reform" meaning instead simply the bill(s) in question?

Yes, Tom. I meant the bills in question.

Well done, Tom.

It's really fascinating how much the media needs the "Obama popularity" story to remain true, when "Obama's in trouble!!!" would sell just as many newspapers (and, indeed, already has).

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