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December 28, 2009


Brendan's frustrated that the New York Times slants stories to fit its chosen narrative, either intentionally omitting or negligently failing to investigate information that's at variance with the narrative? He's frustrated that the Times' reporters and editors are isolated in their bubble of Upper West Side/Northwest Washington received wisdom, so deep "in the box" that they don't even perceive there is a box?

Welcome to the club.

I write about polarization being the fault of the Dixification of the Republican Party. Race has ALWAYS driven our politics but the polarization did stop when the South was winning and segregation was law.

Now that integration is the law, the very same people are driving wedges because they would rather destroy this country than share power.

If there is some "normal level" of polarization, one might expect it to be replicated abroad. It would be interesting to compare the degree of polarization in the US vs. other democracies.

While it's certainly true that the era of the conservative coalition was unusual, I think it's overstated to say that the current era of extreme polarization in Congress is normal. See


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