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December 14, 2009


I'm not sure exactly what effect this will have on the 2010 election, but it's worth noting that a recent Pew Forum survey (see pp. 8 and 10) found that Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to report having been in touch with the dead* (36% versus 21%), having been in the presence of ghosts (21% versus 11%), having consulted fortune tellers or psychics (22% versus 9%), believing in astrology (31% versus 14%), believing in reincarnation (30% versus 17%) and believing in the evil eye (19% versus 12%). You may recall that a poll (see p. 9) earlier this fall found that 11% of Democrats believe Obama may be the anti-Christ.
* In Chicago, of course, the dead have not only communicated with Democrats, they've traditionally been a reliable Democratic voting bloc.

This article doesn't specifically make a judgement on Democrats losing their majority, but it does attempt to tease out of the historical data a potential reason that specific Dems lost in 1994 and it seems relatively compelling on the surface that support for HillaryCare back then translated into lost seats.


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