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January 21, 2010


I tend to think that much of the health care fallout is an expression of economic discontent...

If "economic discontent" refers to the recession, then this observation has some interest. However, if "economic discontent" refers to government deficits, then it's manifest. Conservatives and tea partiers have been explicitly aarguing against that adding a massive federal program in the face of already-frightening deficits.

Incidentally, the recession also impacts the public view of government compentence. The exorbitant Stimulus Bill failed in its promise to keep unemployment under 8%. That SNAFU heightens concern that Health Reform won't work as promised, either.

What I found interesting about the Scott Brown win was that he ran as the 41st vote to stop Obamacare. I am not sure if that was the centerpiece of his campaign, but it did seem prominent in the coverage I heard.

There are probably other technical reasons beyond this that helped his candicicy, but it's hard to dismiss the effect of his opposition to these particular health care bills.

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