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January 27, 2010


The New York Times routinely parrots liberal codewords and laces their stories with cutting rhetoric about conservatives. There must be dozens every week. You can see some examples at TimesWatch

Yet Brendan focuses on a reporter who presented a conservative POV 3 times in the last 4 years. This post may tell us more about Brendan Nyhan than about Jennifer Steinhauer

BTW Maureen Dowd has been far more derisive of conservatives than liberals. E.g., I recall a civil rights case where Clarence Thomas's opinion included both a trenchant legal analysis and a more emotional portion written from the POV of a black man. Dowd was evidently unaware of the former, because she blasted him for not including a legal analysis in his opinion. No correction was ever run.

This may be the column I'm recalling. In any event, it's a good example of Dowd's derision toward conservatives.

Agreed, saying that we have a death tax is wrong, because lots of people die without being taxed. But the same is true of calling it an estate tax, since most estates are not taxed by the federal government. Query: what then should we call it?

Bonus question: Since plenty of income is not taxed by the federal government (one-third of the people who file Federal tax returns pay no federal income tax, and many others have income but are not required to file a return), is it wrong to refer to "income tax"? What should we call it?

Extra credit if your answers include the phrase "Soak the Rich."

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