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February 15, 2010


At least Rivera allowed Coulter the opportunity to respond, which she did as follows:

To be hearing that from liberals after eight years of relentless attacks on George Bush, when he was waging the war on terror, is comical. And no, not if it gets, if it gets Obama to behave more like George Bush did, which he is doing by the way.

I mean one of the crazy things Biden also said, and I hope it isn't that crazy, is "Oh yeah we might not be trying Khalid Shaikh Mohammed at a civilian trial after all. We may just keep him in Guantanamo." I mean Obama keeps starting to do what his left wing instincts and advisers encourage him to do, which is to treat this like a criminal offense. Like it's Martha Stewart facing an insider trading charge. And then America blows up and he goes right back to whatever Bush was doing. When he does that, he's doing a good job.

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