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February 15, 2010


As a theoretical matter, Klein's point may be valid in the long haul. However, it is a little nuts to blame Republicans for the Administration's not having fired appointees when the Administration has shown no inclination whatsoever to fire any of its appointees. (The few departures of appointees that have occurred have been resignations that resulted from public embarrassment over disclosures by Glenn Beck and the blogosphere; when the Administration wants to throw someone under the bus, they are very capable of doing so.)

Klein's attempt to shift to Republicans the responsibility for incompetence by the Administration's appointees deserves marks for chutzpah but ought not to deceive any sensible observer.

Klein's version of "the Devil made me do it" is particularly silly given that the Dems have 59 Senators. A nominee has to be truly awful to engender a unanimous Republican filibuster. E.g., Craig Becker was such a terrible choice for NLRB that the filibuster against him included at least one Democrat.

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