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February 03, 2010


Kos claims that Republicans are so divorced from reality that the two parties cannot work together. Ironically, what he shows is that he is too divorced from reality to work with the other party.

Kos points out that a substantial minority of Republicans give nutty resonses to some poll questions. As has been observed in earlier threads here, a substantial number of Democrats give equally nutty responses to poll questions about Bush and other Republicans. Someone who disapproves of Obama or Bush is apt to agree with extreme positions on a poll as a way to register strong dislike. Unless his/her response is matched by nutty actions, it doesn't mean much.

Perhaps Kos is simply illustrating the truism: Conservatives think liberals are good people with bad ideas. Liberals think conservatives are bad people with bad ideas.

The rhetoric is accurate and your pusillanimity is part of the problem with liberals ever getting anything done. You are part of the problem, Brendan, and I hope that liberals and Democrats never, ever listen to your toxic ideas and horrific willingness to let right-wingers win forever. Every time gay people lose custody of their children for being gay, every time people die of easily preventable diseases because of a state that can't support its citizens, the pathetic wimpiness characteristic of Brendan Nyhan is part of the reason. You should be ashamed of yourself, Brendan, and they should be furious at you for helping create the political climate in which Democrats operate with complete spinelessness just like you.

I'm just looking forward to the Markos Zuniga-Dinesh D'Souza book club.


You're "truism" is nonsense, David. There are liberals who "thnk conservatives are good people with bad ideas" and there are conservatives who "think liberals are bad people with bad ideas."

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