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February 15, 2010


Liberals rightly criticize "birthers" who believe, despite a lack of evidence, that Obama was not born in the US. Yet, these same liberals believe in the myth of a successful stimulus.

Obama's stimulus was supposed to keep unemployment below 8%, but instead drove it up to 10%. Bush's two stimuli failed to end the recession. FDR's stimulus failed to end the Great Depression. Many economist believe FDR's actions prolonged the Depression.

In the face of all these failures, can stimulus believers point to many more examples of successful stimulus programs? I don't think so. Like the birthers, they simply believe what they want to believe.

I don't know about health care and climate regulation but even the appearance of bold moves to cram down banking speculation and creatively cutting off bonuses would have gone a long way out here on Main Street. A lot of the hate juice comes from the free ride the bankers got.

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