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March 03, 2010


The caractures are tacky, as the accusation of "evil", but perhaps Brendan is upset at the term "Socialism".

"Socialized Medicine" is precisely defined as what the Dems are proposing: "A government-regulated system for providing health care for all by means of subsidies derived from taxation." http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/socialized+medicine

If the accurate name for the Dems' proposal is a bad word, that's because Socialism has often worked badly. That's a valid reason to worry that Socialized Medicine will work badly. Using the proper name is an appropriate way to remind voters of this fact.

Robert Bickhart should be fired immediately. What is wrong with Washington,D.C? When did we forget that this is the United States of America, one nation under God. Is this country being run by Children. Everytime I read about politics in Washington, I feel like I am reading about a Grammer school event. Do you want this country to fall, then keep it up children, remember third and fourth century Roman History. and people, please vote some professionals in the government for a change.

In response to David ("Using the proper name is an appropriate way to remind voters of this fact" that seems to be exactly what the Republicans aren't doing.

The approach taken by some has been to avoid the discussion of socialized health-care and instead to focus on the nebulous, broad and emotionally charged term of "socialism" itself.


The same thing happen when the Government "took control" of GM. What effectively occurred was that the Federal Government stood behind the company and guaranteed that the the firm would continue (in some form) following a bankruptcy re-organization. The main goal was to ensure that there wasn't a ripple effect (a stifling of any business activity) because of uncertainty. This was at a time when a great deal of upheaval in the financial markets, and rapidly increasing unemployment.

Instead of discussing the merits and drawbacks of the Governments approach some criticized the move, saying it was "socialism" with many even contending that "socialism" was the overall primary objective.

It's a form of rhetorical "straw-manning", for lack of a better term. Instead of discussing health care reform the talking point becomes "stopping the spread of socialism".

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