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March 19, 2010


Brendan, you have my sympathy. It's galling when someone ignores the contributions of your profession, especially when he's aware of them, or ought to be.

I feel the same way when I hear President Obama make predictions about Health Reform that are contradicted by studies performed by his own actuaries.

Of course, Kinsley's mistakes merely lead to a poorly written article; Obama's mistakes will lead to screwing up American health care for the indefinite future.

David, Brendan has given a point-by-point response to the critiques of President Obama's predictions.

Different factors may affect trust in government at different times. The first chart (Trend 58 - 08) pretty clearly correlates with the election/administration of Richard Nixon and the disillusionment over the war in Viet Nam. Watergate and Stagflation appear to be plausible explanations for the immediately subsequent declines. Presumably, these hypotheses are testable.

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