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March 11, 2010


While this column does attempt to read Obama's mind, it seems to me it's a bit different from some other columns that purport to present a precise chain of thoughts. This is more about Obama's world view or attitudes and their alleged cause.

Some people criticized Bush for his cowboy approach to foreign affairs. I think that's parallel. It could be classified as reading Bush's mind, in the sense of describing his world view or attitude. I have no problem with describig Bush as a cowboy, because the President's apprach to foreign is a valid concern of Amercans.

David Brooks column today, in a sense, tries to read Mr. Obama's mind, saying, "Obama is as he always has been, a center-left pragmatic reformer." I see nothing wrong with this sort of analysis.

The President's attitude is obviously a guess or a judgment. Nevertheless, he has so much power that his attitude is important enough for columnists to speculate about.

To his credit, Brooks makes his judgment based on Obama's words and deeds. I think what's objectionable about Cohen's column is that his basis was where Obaam happened to be born. That's a feeble reed to hang an analysis on.

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