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May 03, 2010


Brendan's "timeline of attacks on dissent against President Obama" is a noble effort, but mislabeled. It includes only one particular kind of attack on dissent--attacks that center on sedition, lack of patriotism or giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Brendan's timeline does not include attacks on dissent that falsely claim the dissent is racist. It does not include attacks on dissent claiming that dissenters are violence-prone. It does not include attacks on dissent claiming that dissenters are Nazi sympathizers. These are not hypothetical examples. They've been applied by Democrats to tea partiers and other dissenters, and they are every bit as insidious as attacks on dissenters' patriotism.

Brendan is obviously entitled to catalog only some kinds of attacks on dissent, but by calling his timeline "attacks on dissent against President Obama," without noting that it is limited to only a particular subset of the kinds of attacks on dissent that take place, he not only lessens the usefulness of his timeline but also potentially misleads readers as to its intended scope.

Thanks for the nitpicking, Anonymous Rob.

What i want to know is why sedition is such a big deal. Our Founding Fathers made sedition their raison d'etre. It is, to be succinct, a core American value. So why all the crying about it?

Rone, am I more anonymous than you, whose link provides only a compendium of your comments and doesn't identify you in any way? I don't have a resumé online, and I don't have a blog, but if you want to see my photographs, you can go to my photographic website.


1. Since when is Klein "on the left" by any reasonable definition?

2. What I'm seeing here is people like Klein quaking stupidly in their boots over right wing gun loons getting all worked up over Glenn Beck's nonsense. Klein is far too worried, but calling this an "anti-dissent caucus" rather than people being scared of the rabble is exaggeration at least as bad as theirs, considering that all of them dissent from things Obama does from time to time. You should hold yourself to as high a standard as you hold them to, but I guess you're just trying to get attention by foaming at the mouth too. It's a shame you can't be a little more serious.

Rone, here's the correct link to my photographic website.

I've updated my profile as well (i thought the link would just go straight to my journal). Any relation to Eric?

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