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June 05, 2010


I was a little confused about which magazine Brendan was talking about when he said in this post that "the magazine has a long history of using nasty rhetoric and promoting misinformation." Honestly, my first thought was that he was talking about Newsweek.

But kudos to Brendan for having the courage and humility to link to one of his most priggish and humorless Spinsanity columns, one that ignored the rich and valuable history of political parody. See Hustler Magazine v. Falwell.

Yet another "i know you are, but what am i" classic from Rob (not to mention trying to establish equivalence between Newsweek's occasional mistakes and Newsmax's standard disregard for facts), including a devastating demonstration of parodic tin ear, on level with Sen. Knotts's insistence that his calling Pres. Obama and Nikki Haley "ragheads" was merely intended "in jest".

My guess would be the same as Brendan's. I doubt that Newsmax will successfully create a moderate, center-right version of Newsweek.

Even if they did, I don't think the magazine would succeed. Why would people pay for for week-old news analysis when they can get up-to-the minute news analysis free on the Web?

Minor correction: Chirac at the time was not Prime Minister (which he had been twice in the past under Presidents Giscard d'Estaing and Mitterrand) but President of the French Republic. Otherwise, good stuff as always.

As a side issue, what does it mean to say that Limbaugh and NewsMax are far-right, rather than center-right? ISTM that there are basically two ways in which someone can be far-right:

1. Hold very conservative political views, e.g. abolish Medicare, invade Cuba, bring back racial discrimination.

2. Harshly criticize liberals.

Brendan's example of NewsMax's deck of cards fits definition #2. Brendan didn't dispute whether the various quotes deserve to be criticized; he objected to the nasty way that NewsMax made their point.

Limbaugh is most often criticized for the nasty way that he attacks liberals, rather than for his political views, which are pretty mainstream conservative.

This is alarming. Somehow I got on their email list. They are only slightly more sane than Joe Farah's WingNutDaily, excuse my bluntness.

Wha? Hustler is an objective news source?

Considering Ross works for the New York Times, which has notably hired conservative columnists such as himself, David Brooks, Bill Safire and William Kristol along with pro-war liberals like Thomas Friedman and torture apologists like Roger Cohen , I think the real question is what he thinks a "center-right" publication would look like.

Maybe an organization that publishes columns like the one recommending a "civilized" military coup to overthrow president Obama fits perfectly.

NewsMax acquires Newsweek - I cancel my Newsweek subscription. Period. Those people belong to the Glenn Beck ignore reality side of the news.

David, I assume that Limbaugh wants to "abolish Medicare" so he would fit a third of the way (he doesn't want to bring back private discrimination, and I doubt he wants to invade Cuba) into your first category. Why do I assume this? Because he implies in his first book that the federal government can't do anything right outside of the military. Last time I checked, Medicare is not military-related.

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