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June 07, 2010


Good call Brendan.

As far as I am aware, the only parties that have had to actually deal with impact of reform at bthis point is businesses in their benefit planning, his statement is preposterous.

IMHO the misperceptions about the Health Care bill are not so much rooted to human psychology as they are a deliberate act by the Democrats and their media allies.

The bill was drafted in secret. It was passed before anyone had a chance to read it. It's so long and complex that it's hard to understand. The Dems who voted for it couldn't explain to their constituents how the bill would work, since they hadn't read it. The President didn't give an address and press conference to explain all the provisions. The liberal media made little or no effort to provide a coherent summary during the all-too-brief period during which the final draft was being debated and voted on.

Even after it was passed, the liberal media did little to inform its readers of the full details (including various payoffs!) The NY Times should have run a multi-page spread listing and explaining all the key provisions. To my knowledge, they haven't done so.

Here's a specific example: Some time ago I wrote to Brendan linking to a conservative site that claimed that, although the Public Option was removed from the bill, another provision remained that would allow a the government to offer health insurance. If the Dems and the media had done their job, we could go to a comprehensive outline to check the allegation. As it is, neither Brend nor I know whether it's correct.

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