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July 12, 2010


Hi, Brendan. I used to read Spinsanity.

I'd just point out one thing about Palin. I've seen three, major comments by McCain, where each time he basically goes a little out of his way not to refer to the fact that Sarah Palin exists.

As far as Hagan's piece goes, there's obviously a lot of Salter influence there (he, on the other hand, has not kept quiet about his views of Sarah) and I read "Old men get emotional, and less rational, the older they get."

The Republicans threw the 2008 election, so they would not have to own any of the stuph they did for the past eight years. It's been over a year since the election and nobody remembers what happened during the Bush administration, as it's now all Obama's fault.
Oh, yes, and the R's didn't tell McCain that they were throwing the election.

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