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July 08, 2010


I'm not sure that I'd count Joe Klein as a liberal - did you see his recent pack of lies against Greenwald, when the latter demolished Jeffery Goldberg?

Klein is more of a Villager Wh*re, with some recent changes due to the fact that Mean Ol' Bloggers can actually speak in public.

Is Afghanistan a war of "Obama's choosing"? Of course, we were already at war with that country when Obama came into office. However, Obama campaigned on the importance of winning there. As President, he did choose to escalate the number of troops.

One blogger argues that if Bush or McCain were in the White House, such an escalation policy would not have been followed:

First, Bush spent seven years not escalating in Afghanistan. One might attribute that to the effort in Iraq, but one reason that Bush chose to fight in Iraq was that Afghanistan was such a dreadful theatre of operations. Another reason, noted by Tom Friedman - transform Iraq and you transform an important Arab country in the heart of the Arab world; transform Afghanistan and you transform a permanent backwater (and maybe South Waziristan!).

It is entirely possible that Bush would have gone with something like the Biden-lite strategy; more accurately, the Biden strategy looks like a continuation of what Bush had been doing for years. http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2010/07/schismatic-on-afghanistan.html

Eventually Vietnam became Lyndon Johnson's war, even though he inherited it from Kennedy. In the same way, Afghanistan could eventually be considered Obama's war.

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