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July 27, 2010


It really doesn't take much to be more of a serious threat to America than Osama bin Laden... I thought the same thing about Bush.

Brendan's hypersensitivity toward criticism of Obama, which Rob pointed out, has led Brendan to a post that Spinsanity would have blasted. He wrote:

Barack Obama has faced a long string of accusations that he is disloyal to this country (many of which exploit the misperception that he is a Muslim). The latest examples...

That quote pretty clearly implies that the two op-eds Brendan references exploit the misperception that Obama is a Muslim. In fact, neither of them does so.

Rather, they are blistering criticisms. They assert that Obama has violated the Constitution to such a degree that he deserves impeachment. To their credit, they provide a list of the alleged violations. One may not agree with them, but such criticisms shouldn't be illegitimate. The President's most urgent responsibility is to follow the Constitution. If there's any possibility that he's failing to do so, it's appropriate for citizens to point that out.

Similarly, many Bush critics called his alleged Constitutional violations impeachable. I don't recall Brendan complaining that such criticism of Bush was impermissible.

That's a fair point about the parenthetical -- I've removed it above. I have no objection with people stating their belief that Obama should be impeached. That is their right, as it was under Bush and Clinton. But calling him an "enemy of the Constitution" and accusing him of treason is another matter entirely, and consistent with the pattern of accusations I've described.

Thanks for that change, Brendan. I agree that Kuhner accused Obama of treasonous actions and was wrong to do so. The President's alleged failings bear no relation to treason.

Can you put the removed selection back with a line through it? I was at the beach this weekend and I'm just catching up.

It was just a parenthetical noting that previous accusations of disloyalty against Obama had played on misperceptions that he was a Muslim.

"...assaulting the very pillars of traditional capitalism."

Huh? What, exactly is "non-traditional" capitalism?

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