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July 07, 2010


Great point.

Shouldn't you credit Yglesias with Green-Lanternism?

I wonder how much campaign rhetoric feeds the Green Lantern theory. I would think that "I'm going to do everything you [my supporters] want" would sell better than "I'm going to do everything that I realistically can do given the constraints of our system of governance and the canny opposition of the other party." As a simple example, Obama's campaign slogan, "Yes We Can," seems to hint at a kind of Green Lanternism.

Updated above, Matt. I explain the background in the original post, but I'll include it here too.

Looking at the chart in Chait's column, the relationship between growth in real disposable income and House seat gains for the president's party doesn't look that strong. Obama could lose anywhere from 10 - 60 seats and still fit on it nicely among his peers.

Thanks for posting the full description of the power ring.

'It used to be the case that the rings wouldn't function against yellow objects, but this is now understood to be a consequence of the "Parallax fear anomaly"'

I think that clears up an earlier conclusion Rob and I came to regarding Rahm Emanuel.

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