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July 26, 2010


Chait is completely dishonest in his Gringrich criticism, where he asserts that Gringrich is against this because he think we are a "Judeo-Christian" nation so we we should discriminate against Muslims just like Saudi Ariabia discriminates against Christians.

However, Gringrich makes no mention of this being Judeo-Christian nation, the key point that Chait keeps harping on. Did you even follow the link Brendan?

Instead of disputing the arguments Newt actually presents, Chait "mind-reads" a strawman into existence.

For a liberal to whine about Breitbart's out-of-context accusation of racism would be like Senator Joseph McCarthy complaining because one of his staffers was unfairly accused of being a communist. I acknowledge that the full speech showed that Sherrod's ultimate point was not racist. Also, the actions she described took place many years ago, long before she was in her current position.

However, Breitbart's express intent was to demonstrate racism by the NAACP. This he did. The NAACP audience reaction showed their approval of Sherrod's racist actions before the speech got the point where she admitted her error.

Unfair accusations of racism against conservatives are so routine there aren't enough pixels to contain them all. I'll just list a few that come to mind:

1. Four or five black Congressmen claimed that a Tea Party group repeatedly used the N-word against them. Professional and amateur recordings at the event showed that their accusation was a misunderstanding or a fabrication. Incidentally in late March, Breitbart offered a $10,000.00 reward for anyone who could produce a recording showing the use of the N-word against these Black Caucus members. Nobody has claimed the reward.

2. Among the disclosures in the JournOlist scandal was a cold-blooded discussion of using race-baiting as a way to distract attention away from Obama's embarassing pastor, Jeremiah Wright. JournOlist members specifically discussed a tactic of a coordinated attack on a random conservative, such as Karl Rove or Fred Barnes, accusing him of racism.

3. George Bush was unfairly accused of racism (by the NAACP IIRC) over the horrible murder of James Byrd in Jasper, Texas. The supposed proof of Bush's racism was that he opposed a certain an extention of the civil rights bill. But, that extention had nothing to do with punishing Byrd's murderers. It was about extending certain aspects of the civil ritghts law sexual orientation. If anything, it was the liberal opponents of the death penalty who favored a policy that would be more lenient.

4. And, of course, Breitbart's express intent in releasing the NAACP tape was to reply to the NAACP's disgustly false accusation that the Tea Parties have racist elements.

P.S. I have enormous respect for Bob Somerby, but I don't buy his explanation of why the NAACP/Sherrod business was completely different from the Cambridge MA police case. Yes, there were many significant differences, but there was one obvious similarity. Both cases showed the White House taking action before getting the facts.

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