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July 26, 2010


I know you have a thing against mind-readers, so why do you fall into the trap of believing that Sarah Palin wants to be president?

Everything she does indicates that she doesn't. She resigned as governor to make her fortune on the speaking circuit. She has no interest in learning the details of public policy. She hasn't spent time developing her credibility on international affairs. She picks public fights with her daughter's teenage boyfriend. She hasn't accidentally alienated large segments of the public, she deliberately stakes out divisive positions to rally her most ideological fan base. None of this makes sense for a person hoping to run for higher office. It makes perfect sense for someone who wants to stay in the celebrity spotlight.

Palin has given up elective politics to make her fortune as a conservative polemicist. You might as well ask whether Rush Limbaugh is using the right strategy to win the presidency in 2012. He isn't. Neither is she.

I agree mostly with the above comment. Sarah Palin isn't politically savvy, but she is very Sarah-savvy. She knows she's a draw.

(All but the first, second, and fifth sentences could be attributed to a handful of Democratic politicians too, e.g., Al Sharpton).

Why would she ever want to be President? It's only $400,000 a year. She couldn't handle three full years of being the Governor in Alaska, where she made over $100k annually. She could probably make more hosting a talk show in less than two years what she could make if she served as President in eight years. Not to mention additional endorsement deals, book deals, and public speaking/appearance engagements she'll cash in on.

Of course I can't read Palin's mind either, but Jinchi's points sound convincing. I would just add that maintaining the possibility of running for President may be her way keeping herself in the limelight.

Jinchi's right. Palin doesn't need to run for President. All she has to do for now is make people *think* she will. It's all about the money and fame (would HC have gone camping with Kate Gosselin? Really?) and nothing much higher than that.

Wow, I had no idea -- just tweeted about this. The post of course assumes she is running for president, but it's certainly plausible that she won't.

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