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August 02, 2010


If Government spends tens of thousands of dollars on giant blow-up dolls, there's bound to be inflation.

I found Coastie for you.


Coastie ends his song on such a melancholy musical phrase, one can't help wondering about his mental health. His upbeat admonitions to wear a PFD and under no circumstances to sit on the bow are replaced by a mournful repetition of who he is, a cri de coeur bespeaking his deteriorating sense of self, his acknowledgment of the futility of his enterprise and yes, his desperation in the face of an uncaring universe. Far from being stimulated by the stimulus, he is deadened and hollow and sadly in need of a spiritual refitting. As Coastie motors off into the dark night of the soul, he serves as a fitting symbol of the national malaise and of how Hope has transmuted to hopelessness.

Ok, I just want to check in that everyone saw the video "Coastie's First Rescue"


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