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August 18, 2010


Obama's stimulus wasn't large enough
says Lane Kenworthy.

What a pathetic excuse! Stimulus doesn't work.

George Bush had already tried stimulus twice to cure this recession. It didn't work. FDR tried stimulus. That didn't work. Stimulus has seldom if ever worked to end a recession.

The politicans love "stimulus", because it's an excuse to give our money to their supporters. The rest of us know that we and our children will have to pay back the money being strewn about.

Note the lack of scientific falsifiability. Even after the failure of stimulus after stimulus, someone can always claim that a bigger stimulus would have worked. Meanwhile our bloated government has become a bigger and bigger burden on the private sector, causing permanent damage to our economy.

Kenworthy sounds like a doctor of old asserting that

The patient is getting worse because they haven't used enough leeches.

Brendan's main complaint against Glenn Beck seems to be that Beck is using the term "Death Panel" to mean government rationing. Despite the quibbling over Provenge and Avastin, Brendan knows that government health care will have limits, just as private health insurance does. If Brendan wanted to argue that the governmental limits will be no worse than the private ones, there could be a good debate. But, Brendan goes farther. He says it's impermissible to use the term Death Panel to describe governmental limits on care.

I think the term, although it's provocative, is no worse than many other politically coined phrases. There will a governmental panel and it will make some life and death decisions. That is, it will limit the payment for some life-saving treatments that provide minimal benefit at enormous costs (something I approve of, BTW.)

Furthermore, who appointed the liberals Kings of the English language? If Glenn Beck wants to use the term Death Panel in a certain way, why should liberals have the power to deny him that right?

"If Glenn Beck wants to use the term Death Panel in a certain way, why should liberals have the power to deny him that right?"

LOL, how can anyone "deny" a person's right to say certain words AFTER THEY'VE ALREADY SAID THEM?!

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