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August 02, 2010


Brendan cites the "Laredo Truthers" as "a classic example of resisting corrections of misinformation," and he's right. But contained within the TPM essay to which he links is another misperception that is perversely resistant to correction. TPM describes the San Diego Minutemen as "anti-immigration." That's untrue. Minutemen are anti-illegal immigration, and that's true of both the national organization and the San Diego offshoot. Look at the San Diego Minutemen website and see for yourself.

La Rasa and others on the left always seem to conflate opposition to illegal immigration with opposition to immigration--so often, in fact, that it's hard to conclude it's anything other than intentional.

In 2006 the New York Times made the same mistake. After I wrote to the Public Editor, the Times published a correction. But the misperception (smear? lie?) persists. To the ramparts, Brendan!

Brendan is a harsher critic of President Obama than I am. I'm willing to grant that Obama would like a stronger economy for the sake of all Americans, although I think his actual economic approach has been counter-productive. Brendan OTOH portrays Omama as caring about the economy only for the sake of his party's election results.

I don't have strong feelings about the New York City mosque, but Wright's defense of Hamas is repulsive. He argues:

1. Hamas aren't really terrorists because Arabs lost some land in a war that they themselves had begun 60 years ago. That standard would justify terrorism today by South Korea against North Korea.

2. Hamas aren't really terrorists because they won an election. Hitler won an election.

3. Hamas aren't really terrorists because they're attacking Israelis, rather than Americans. Apparently Israelis (or Jews) are subhumans whose murder doesn't matter.

4. Hamas aren't really terrorists because they've temporarily stopped attacking Israeli civilians. That's unfortunately not the case. E.g. today's Christian Science Monitor reports Rocket attacks on Israel and Jordan highlight how Hamas could use Sinai
Rocket attacks against Israeli and Jordanian resort towns on the Red Sea are believed to have come from Egypt's Sinai, raising fresh concerns about militant activity – possibly including Hamas – there.

5. Hamas aren't really terrorists because there are a number of Arabs and Muslims, including Americans, who in one sense or another support Hamas and who aren’t dangerously radical from an American POV. How does Wright know these Hamas supporters aren't dangerous to the US? Isn't that what he was setting out to prove? Also, if Hamas is merely dangerous to Israel, see point #3 above.

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