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August 04, 2010


Sorry to get all geeky, but logic and mathematical theorems pay a lot of attention to quantifiers: ∃ means “there exists” or "for some" or "at least one" and ∀ means “for all." or "always".

Suppose Rubio had asserted that a particular triangle was a right triangle. Then, Think Progress misrepresented Rubio's comment as saying that all triangles are inevitably right triangles. Finally, suppose that based on their misrepresentation, Think Progress called Rubio's comment "absurd." That would be an unfair criticism.

That's just what Think Progress did. They falsely claimed that Rubio had said, "tax cuts inevitably pay for themselves" (emhasis added). However, their link showed Rubio claiming that one particular tax cut would pay for itself.

Maybe the folks at Think Progress aren't smart enough to understand the difference between ∃ and ∀. Maybe they're using spin to make a Republican look bad. But, I would have expected better of Brendan on both logic and spin.

John Dickerson seems to feel that racist baiting shows good manners. He classifies as "Polite Disagreement" a comment that begins:

"Sarah, perception is everything! I learned that in the military. All you have to do is disassociate yourself from those Tea Partiers that are indeed racist..."

IMHO being tarred as a racist today is as devastating being tarred as a Communist during the McCarthy era. Calling Tea Partiers racists today is no more polite than calling liberals communists was in 1952.

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