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October 20, 2010


Anent Brendan's "Good morning Clarence" tweet, Virginia Thomas's voice mail message for Anita Hill was foolishly optimistic but in no way threatening or harassing:

Good morning Anita Hill, it's Ginni Thomas. I just want to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometimes and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband.
Professor Hill says she weighed the message for a week before turning it over to Brandeis University security with a request that it be sent to the FBI.

That Professor Hill would regard this message as harassment suggests that her threshold for what constitutes harassment is, shall we say, out of the mainstream and may explain her perceptions of her 1980's interactions with Clarence Thomas.

As far as Brendan's point about Justice Thomas's vote in Bush v. Gore, let it be noted that the holding that the Florida recount violated the Equal Protection Clause was 7-2, including Justices Breyer and Souter. It was only the holding about the remedy that was 5-4. These are inconvenient truths that those on the left often choose to ignore. BTW, the decision of the Court was per curiam (i.e., by the Court, not any individual justice), and while Clarence Thomas joined in Chief Justice Rehnquist's concurrence, Thomas did not write any opinion himself.

Brendan seeems to feel that he cannot criticize a liberal without including some sort of comparable criticism of a conservative. In this case, his implication that Fox News Channel is as bad as Maddow was particularly weak. He he didn't even bother to identify any allegedly comparable wrongdoing by FNC.

A fact-free insult is easy to make, but it's childish.

Incidentally, David Brock's book, The Real Anita Hill makes some strong points indicating that Hill was lying and Thomas was telling the truth. As I recall:

-- By flatly denying the charge, Thomas would have been risking a perjury conviction if others had overheard the alleged comments.

-- Virtually every person who worked in the office with Thomas and Hill believed Hill.

-- Hill continued to seek the company of Thomas after the alleged sexual harassment. I've met women who really were sexually harassed by their boss. After escaping from that boss's clutches, the last thing these women would have done would have been to maintain a relationship with the harasser.

Incidentally, Hill was well rewarded for her testimony. She got a tenured university position despite zero publications. By comparison, my wife didn't get tenure until she had several dozen publications.

IMHO Virginia Thomas' voice mail was politically foolish regardless of the facts. However, it's totally inexplicable unless she sincerely believes that Hill was lying.

I have to agree with David re: the villainization of Fox news.

I don't trust any news outlet to give an un-biased view of things. This goes back to the Dan Rather/ Reagan days and even then seeing the bias against conservatives, even though I agreed with liberals on many things at the time.

Has Fox let its conservative bias seep into the news? There seems to be good evidence of this, but nearly every other news organization has done the same to basically the same or greater degrees from the left.

Thank God for the web, where I can often look at the raw source for facts without all the filtering.

Speaking of the villainization of Fox News, yesterday NPR fired Juan Williams for acknowledging on Fox News that seeing someone at the airport in Muslim dress frightens him. Previously NPR asked Williams not to have Fox News include his NPR connection when identifying him, and there were reports about how uncomfortable Williams' appearances on Fox News made NPR executives.

Is there any real doubt that if Williams had made the very same comments on NPR or PBS or CNN or NBC, he'd still be employed by NPR? His sin was saying them on Fox News. For NPR, that was a bridge too far.

Sorry, that should be virtually everyone in their office believed Thomas.

IMHO if liberals paid more attention to errors made by news sources other than FNC, they'd conclude that FNC is as accurate as most others. E.g., here's as flagrant falsehood about FNC that was made by Politico.

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