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November 03, 2010


Every year someone puts forward an Anti-Tim Eyman initiative in Washington state. The most famous one was the horses ass initiative


of which the blog www.horsesass.org is named. Unfortunately the blog is pretty lame the main contributor Goldy aspires to be a local politics Markos Moulitsas.

Michael McDonald wrote: Myth 5. The Media Calls Elections Before the Polls Are Closed. No race will be called before the polls are closed within a state. This is most important for states or districts that straddle two time zones.

Some people may be unaware that this very thing happened in 2000. The Media called the Florida result, and indicated that polls were closed, at a time when polls were still open in the conservative panhandle area. That part of Florida is in the central time zone.

It has been estimated this media mistake deterred tens of thousands from voting, The majority of them would have voted for Bush. If these people had voted, Bush would have carried Florida easily.

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