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November 02, 2010


Brendan -

I agree that the permenent majority story is mythic in nature.

Regarding this particular election, I find it somewhat bizarre that some Dem leaning pundits are just now claiming it basically structural that the Republicans will get gains (Chait, Drum, etc. - I dont include you in this group BTW since you've been fairly consitent in your comments).

If it is so structural, why weren't they all saying this months ago? Partisan hack-ism is the likley culprit IMO.


Based on what's happening in CA, I expect more fluctuation than in the past. Gray Davis was a popular Governor until he failed to solve our financial problems. Then he was a bum. Arnold came in as a White Knight, but he couldn't solve the problems. Now he's a bum, and we're going back to a Democrat. In 4 years, I expect Jerry Brown's name to be mud, and we'll see a Republican again.

The federal governmwent hasn't had to face its financial problems, since they're allowed to run ongoing deficits of any amount. If QE2 results in substantial inflation, as many fear, or if unemployment doesn't improve, Obama will become the most unpopular person in America. That is, until his Republican successor doesn't make things any better.

I believe that the Obama Presidency does represent a possible shift in the center of gravity in American politics that has experienced a set back tonight. I think the reasons Brendan gives for the vote today, based on electoral fundamentals, is sound, but just as sound are the demographic changes that are occurring in the U.S. that present real long term threats to the Republican Party, especially as it is inflicted with Tea Party accents. Even with the returns coming in tonight, the prospects are still good for an Obama transformation in American politics, a significant, long over due response to the Reagan Revolution.

I just thank God that generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when the oceans began to rise again.

Its nice that Rob finally comes around to seeing global warming as a reality....LOL

Rob - ROTFL!

Jeffrey - nice assertion with no argument...

Howard, I make the assertion with demographics in mind, and also with hope that reason will prevail.

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